THE KISS Staged Event ’14


March 24th and 25th, 2014 the team mounted a wonderful and elaborate workshop of  THE KISS to packed houses at Lakewood  Theater in the Portland area.  This was the first public workshop of the show and the first time the Will Vinton and David Pomeranz got public feedback which they found invaluable.  The shows fantastic music was lead by Music Director Rick Lewis and his six piece orchestra.  Orchestrator was Jon Newton.  A taste of the Choreography was brilliantly supplied by Body Vox’s Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland.





The presentation was very  enthusiastically received.  People joined from as far away as New York and Manila to see the first public workshop of the show.  Two totally packed houses gave the creators and performers very valuable feedback.  Spirited discussions, hundreds of Response Cards and cast and crew notes provided some great insight and information.  In fact, songwriter David and book writer Will went back to the drawing board and largely reworked the show creating a new ending, adding a terrific new role for the very popular animals, dropping and adding new songs and generally making THE KISS funnier, edgier, and more contemporary for adult audiences.