THE KISS is the twisted tale of a modern romance between a headstrong Princess named Emberlise and the brash Prince Arrolan next door, whom “Ember” detests. And that feeling is mutual! When Prince Arrolan sets off to slay a pesky dragon, he is zapped into a frog and given the usual antidote – requiring the kiss of a Princess. The trouble is, Princess Emberlise would never agree to kiss Prince Arrolan in any form. Since Ember is the only princess for thousands of miles, “Arro” must find a way to seduce a princess he despises – and do it in the body of a frog! The story is complicated by Gladys, a quirky witch who along with her partner in crime Raoul the Rat, has designs on Ember’s castle. The deliciously evil duo brew a plan to steal the castle by turning Raoul into a princely dragon slayer, who will lay claim to the Princess’s hand in marriage and wreak havoc on all the castle’s inhabitants.