Vinton Studios, needed a song writer for a prime-time TV special they were doing for CBS. They did some research, asked around, and heard great things about David Pomeranz. What followed was a several-year relationship, with David and Will working on closely on various projects. While the Studio got busy with other major projects, including the Eddy Murphy inspired “THE PJs” TV series, David and Will continued their relationship out of mutual respect and admiration. They remained intrigued by the potential of a musical idea they had based on “The Frog Prince” – but twisted and turned upside down in every way. David wrote several songs for the idea including “When I Look At You” a hauntingly beautiful love song. While their original idea for this musical comedy was as a 3D-animated movie in Will’s unique style, one day while working on it they looked at each other and said, “This show would make a fantastic Broadway-style musical. It’s so much more suitable to the stage and theater than to animation.” And ‘THE KISS’ was born. Excited about the potential, they set to work expanding the songs and Will’s script, making it more sophisticated and adult, and exploring amazing possibilities for magic effects that had never before been seen on the stage. They made it an even stronger “battle-of-the-sexes” story, increased the jeopardy along with the villain’s powers, and honed the music to be eclectic, tuneful, and very funny. In the past couple years, the team has done readings and workshops on the show and come away feeling very pleased and assured that they have potential for one of the best musicals to come along for a very long time.